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Experiential Journeys & Retreats

At the age of 7 Vanessa’s favorite activity was greeting tourists visiting the oxcart factory behind her home in the small mountain town of Sarchi, Costa Rica. That was the beginning of her tourism career that lead her to study Eco-Tourism in university. She went on to work at the Institute of Costa Rican Tourism where she lead the Blue Flag program, rated hotels for sustainability standards, and often toured visiting diplomats around the country. She later extended her studies at the International Tour Management Institute in San Francisco where she was trained in tour directing and event planning.Vanessa now offers experiential journeys and retreats for personal and spiritual growth, and consults communities and companies on eco-tourism and sustainability.

Ancient Wisdom

What truths about humanity have been forgotten?  Although Vanessa has been on a quest to answer this question since she was little girl, her study of ancient wisdom became a professional interest in 2012 when she began visiting sacred sites around the world.  She´s had the opportunity to learn from and perform ceremonies with wisdom keepers from the Toltec, Hopi, Navaho, Mayan, Celtic, Hindu-Dharma Balinese, and Shinto  traditions. As a result, she experienced significant personal transformation and felt called to share the common truths in a way that would honor the ancient traditions and be experiential rather than just intellectual.

Women Empowerment

Through a unique upbringing and expanding life experiences Vanessa learned how the feminine essence is often repressed and judged by our society. Much of her life journey has been focused on rediscovering the powerful and sacred feminine aspects that every woman has within. Her passion to empower women has led her to become an advanced certified Moon Mother, Red Tent Activator and pursue a certification in EFT. Vanessa is also the coordinator of Womb Blessing USA and Costa Rica, a global movement of over 100,000 women across 130 countries dedicated to awaken the dormant and repressed aspects of the feminine.


To empower business women to embody their authentic feminine nature through experiential tours to sacred sites where they reconnect to their sense of being and beauty.


Womb Wellness Sessions

Vanessa offers a variety of services to help women heal unhelpful patterns and better align with their true feminine nature. Based on your unique needs, Vanessa’s sessions can incorporate a Womb Blessing, Womb Healing, Yoni Blessing, Pregnancy and Post Partum Ceremony, First Moon Ceremony for Girls, EFT, and techniques to help you understand each of the four phases of your menstrual cycle and how to align your work routine accordingly. Session can be done online. Please contact her if you have questions or would like to book a session

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Grupos de comunicación para mujeres

En este grupo que es exclusivo para mujeres, aprenderás acerca de la dinámica de los roles masculino, femenino en las relaciones y como lo  puedes usar en el trabajo, tu pareja.

Esta dirigido a:

  • Damas de corazón
  • Mujeres que no tienen pareja y les gustaría tener un compañero de vida o esposo y una relación estable y duradera.
  • Mujeres que estén abiertas a aprender nuevas técnicas ­Mujeres que estén dispuestas a salir de su zona de comfort
  • Mujeres dispuestas a actuar diferente para tener resultados diferentes

Los grupos son de 5 a 10 mujeres y la inversión es de $75 USD por 4 sesiones. Para participar escribe un correo haciendo click en el botón de contacto abajo.

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Intuitive Sessions for Men

This sessions are designed for men who feel a longing to connect with the feminine a way that is authentic to them. If you feel like there is something missing Vanessa could help! She also helps men better their relationship with women through letting go of past patterns, issues with their mothers and other female figures, and by helping them better understand a women’s monthly cycle and the four energetic stages they shift through. If you want to know more please contact her.

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Miranda Gray en Costa Rica

Para el 2017 Vanessa está organizando 2 talleres en Costa Rica que serán impartidos por  Miranda Gray autora del libro Luna Roja y creadora del movimiento Mundial de la Bendición del Útero. Mujeres de todos los caminos cordialmente invitadas.  Recibe el link con información de ambos cursos inscribiendote aquí: o envía un correo haciendo click en el botón de abajo.

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Firewalk Experience

Fire walking is a transformational experience! It helps you to consciously create your  reality and remember your human potential.

If you can walk on fire… what else have you been telling you that is inPOSIBLE?

Please contact her if you have questions or would like to inquire about a firewalk experience for your company, group of friends or yourself, as celebration of a new chapter of your life.

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Té-con-Té Circulo de mujeres y Spa

Estos circulo son de crecimiento personal y totalmente gratuitos. 

Nos reunimos virtualmente 1 vez al mes y hay invitadas especiales quienes comparten sus regalos como lecturas de aura, constelaciones familiares, arquetipos femeninos y más. El día que nos reunimos cada alista su taza de té, se pone cómoda, prende una vela y nos conectamos en línea.

Para participar en el próximo envía un correo haciendo click en el botón de abajo.

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