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Originating from the tropical land of Costa Rica, Vanessa has had a taste for the “Pura Vida” (pure life) since she was a little girl.She grew up in the small town of Sarchi, peering out of her humble home at passing tourists and feeling rich when offered a $1 tip.   

Since as early as she can remember, Vanessa saw auras around people and objects and thought everyone could see these energy fields as well. At the age of 11 a family friend recognized her gift and gave Vanessa the book La Voz Del “Yo Soy” (Voice of the “I am”).  Vanessa treasured this book as sacred, reading it countless times to learn the art of manifestation and how apply the spiritual laws outlined in the book.

Her academic success helped her rise beyond her humble beginnings and receive a scholarship to the University of Costa Rica—one of the top universities in the world that teaches Eco-Tourism using experience-focused immersions.

After graduating from University she followed her passion for creating a healthy planet by joining the Institute of Costa Rican Tourism and leading the sustainable tourism program in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Her job entailed traveling to beautiful beaches and awarding the healthy ones with the “Blue Flag” to symbolize the  success in keeping the waters and ecosystem pure.

She also rated hotels based on Costa Rica’s famous “5 Leaf” sustainability rating program and became highly skilled at understanding what it takes to run a sustainable business and how to effectively evaluate social and environmental impact.

In 2010 Vanessa joined a start-up with a mission to create an alternative to the Fortune 500 list. They needed help creating an evaluation process to measure an organization’s purpose-driven approach to business and their social and environmental impact. Vanessa’s experience in sustainability ratings was a perfect fit. Now known as the GameChangers 500 DNA Test, the evaluation has been used to create a list of the world’s top purpose-driven companies, such as Google, Zappos, TOMS, and Patagonia.

In 2013, her passion for responsible tourism and women’s retreats led her to the International Tour Managers Institute (ITMI) in San Francisco where she graduated among a highly acclaimed list of tour directors working for organizations like National Geographic, Smithsonian Institute, Travcoa, and Disney.

When Vanessa’s not helping evaluate purpose-driven companies, she uses her ITMI training to organize women’s retreats to Ancient Wisdom sites like the pyramids of Teotihuacan and Machu Pichu and sacred sites / energy vortex like Costa Rica and Sedona (pic).

She has studied with wisdom keepers from the Toltec, Navaho, Hopi, Celtic, Mayan, Hindu-Dharma Balinese, Shinto traditions and more. She is also an Advanced Certified Moon Mother, Reiki Healer and is doing her practice to become and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) certified practitioner.

Her mission is to help women embody their authentic feminine nature and to better harmonize feminine energy into the work world.

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